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Debt Free Thermometer, Debt Payoff Tracker

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Easy to use, debt payoff thermometer, debt payoff tracker printables.

Are you completely overwhelmed by your debt?

These debt free payoff tracker printables will make debt payoff a fun, family event!

These debt thermometer and savings tracker printables include nine Dave Ramsey style debt free printables:

Debt payoff progress thermometer
Emergency fund progress thermometer
House down payment progress thermometer
Credit card payment progress thermometer
Student loan payment progress thermometer
Car loan payment progress thermometer
Tax debt payment progress thermometer
Personal loan payment progress thermometer
Medical debt payment progress thermometer

We were scared. Although we were making decent incomes, our debt payments were quickly driving us straight into the arms of bankruptcy.

We had to make a change. Budgeting was our new best friend.

Getting control of our finances was the best thing we could ever do for our young family.

I know these debt free printable thermometers will help you stay motivated to pay off debt fast.

These printables are 8.5 x 11 inches standard PDF printable letter size.

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