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Frugal Thanksgiving Meal Plan

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This free Thanksgiving meal plan consists of super easy and cheap appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and of course a slow cooker turkey recipe for families looking to stick to a tight budget this holiday season!

Grocery list and recipes are included! You probably have many of the items already hidden in the back of your pantry, and can find everything else at the dollar store to really tighten down the budget.

Recipes include:

  • chili cheese monkey bread
  • deviled eggs
  • cheesy pigs in a blanket
  • cranberry walnut salad
  • slow cooker turkey
  • green bean casserole
  • sweet potatoes
  • cranberry walnut stuffing
  • sour cream & chive potatoes
  • mac & cheese with ham
  • southern cornbread dressing
  • chocolate pudding parfait
  • pumpkin cream cheese bread